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There is two ways to qualify for the Official Klask World Championship and World Cup.
1.Win your National Association Open | 2.Win your National Association Championship

World Championship

1st September 2018

World Cup

2nd September 2018

Qualifiers so far…..

Kevin Reder 🇺🇸
Tomasz Preuss 🇵🇱
Trouvay Vincent 🇫🇷 
Samuel Bosshard 🇨🇭 
Jaro Koch 🇩🇪
Alessandro Bove 🇮🇹
Luigi Raone 🇮🇹
Victor Breum 🇩🇰
Nick Lundquist 🇩🇰
Stephen Brown 🇬🇧

Latest WKF News

WKF to introduce Ranking System

Official Statement World Cup Representation & World Rankings 22nd May 2018 The World Klask Federation would like to clarify 2 rulings to associations and its players. World Cup Representation Both[…]

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Open de France a success

It is under a summer sun that begins this first Open de France, fortunately for us the beer was waiting for us at the bapbap brewery where the event was[…]

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Klask World Championship and World Cup venue announcement

The venue for the World Klask Federation Championship & Klask World Cup will be at Seven Bro7hers Beerhouse in Manchester. The Beerhouse which is situated in the Ancoats area of[…]

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