The World KLASK Federation (WKF) is the first resource and authority for any and all officially sanctioned WKF KLASK competition rules, play, and structure.

The WKF was formed in 2017 by Inaugural UK Champion Daniel Lilley and Inaugural World Champion Kevin Reder with the approval of the Official Rules by KLASK creator (and honorary WKF president) Mikkel Bertelsen. The WKF aims to protect, improve and promote the Worldwide KLASK community.

Whether you are an association, player or club The WKF and all of its subsidiaries unites KLASK players from around the world providing the best advice, representation and assistance in all aspects of the game.

The WKF and its subsidiaries are a fun yet professional source of structure, information, and guidance for playing and hosting WKF Sanctioned events.

The WKF helps keeps KLASK boards filled, Spectators engaged, and event organisers free from confusion and chaos.

The WKF is your ticket to the world and global recognition!


Klask is a fun magnetic game where the players challenge each other in a battle that can get loud and exciting!

The magnetic gameplay of Klask is unique, fun and like no other game out there… Klask will entertain all players from the youngsters to the old folks. The player is in charge of the magnets from under the table. Both players try to score while trying to avoid the white barrier magnets in the middle of the game field.

Mikkel Bertelsen aka Klask Daddy

You’ll need fast hands and quick thinking if you want to win this game!

Where did it start

Late December 2013, after long days and nights spent in his workshop, Danish carpenter Mikkel Bertelsen had
something truly unique in his hands – a wooden board game with magnets which one steers under the board!

Mikkel has always had plenty of ideas for innovations of all sorts, but there was something different about Klask.
Just in time for the holidays, he made a few copies of he game for Christmas presents to some of his friends. Soon after,
the word spread through the country and orders from individuals, as well as cafés, bars, and even work offices started to pour in.

The following year Mikkel built more than 3000 copies of the game in his garage. Featured on national TV, winner of Danish Game of the Year, Klask has been a smash success ever since and now – you can too join the fun of Klask!

WKF Board of Directors

President Daniel Lilley 🇬🇧
Co-President Kevin Reder 🇺🇸
Honorary President Mikkel Bertelsen 🇩🇰

Voting Members – All Directors and Presidents

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